Eat Protein Foods to Lose Weight

Below you can read information on eating protein-rich foods and losing weight. This article shows information on nutrition and health with information that can’t and should not replace the opinion of a doctor or nutrition professional.


If you have doubts or health problems related to this article, eat protein-rich breakfast and lose weight, you may consult with your doctor or nutritionist.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Most people think that skipping breakfast will help them lose weight. This is not only incorrect but also bad for your health. Skipping breakfast increases the sugar level by increasing the person’s appetite. So skipping breakfast causes you to end up having more hunger.

High protein breakfast against obesity

Wayne W. Campbell, a professor of nutrition at Purdue University, says there is a great deal of research supporting the consumption of protein-rich foods, especially on a diet. This keeps the feeling of satiety.

Scientists at the Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond have studied 94 women with obesity. They divided them into two groups by assigning one group a low-calorie breakfast and the other a high-calorie breakfast. At eight weeks, the high-calorie group had lost a great deal of weight in a contiguous way while the other group, although it had lost weight in an impressive way at first, had stopped losing weight after a short time.

Another study led by researchers at Purdue University concludes that if people eat high quality protein breakfast they feel full for the rest of the day compared to when protein intake is high in food or dinner.

For their study, researchers added protein-rich foods in different foods in several groups. After the study, they realized that the feeling of being full, felt more when they increased the consumption of protein foods at breakfast.

Modify your breakfast by adding protein-rich foods

Because of our lifestyle, most do not have time to prepare breakfast at home. Foods prepared for breakfast usually contain more carbohydrate than protein. So we need to be careful when choosing food for our breakfast.

Most fast food restaurants offer French omelets, this being a high protein food. Low carbohydrate bars are manageable and can be easily carried. You can also order high protein snacks.

The breakfast diet with protein foods will take some time to take effect so eat healthy and see step by step.

Some high protein breakfasts

Here are some examples of high protein and low carbohydrate breakfast:

High Protein Breakfast 1

  • 1/2 cup of cereal with raisins in fiber.
  • An orange.
  • Cottage cheese or 3 low-fat turkey sausages

Cottage cheese or turkey sausages are high protein foods that also contain high quality protein. Cereals with raisins will give you a feeling of satiety eliminating the urge to eat every little time. The toxins that enter our body are formed due to pollution, stress and other causes due to our way of life. Orange helps eliminate them.

High Protein Breakfast 2

  • 3 eggs
  • 1/2 cup oat flakes with blueberries
  • One cup of skim milk

Oats cause carbohydrates to be consumed slowly, which provides energy for a long time and our body also needs soluble fiber. Blueberries are also foods rich in antioxidants, compounds that protect against cell damage produced by molecules called free radicals that are a major cause of disease and aging. This helps eliminate toxins from our body.

High Protein Breakfast 3

  • French omelette with fluffy cheese with ham, sausage, or bacon.
  • Nutritional bars that are low in carbohydrates.
  • A fruit juice

Again, a balance of fat, protein, fiber and antioxidants. The juices are usually high in antioxidants, which will serve to remove toxins from our body.


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